Friday, December 17, 2010

You're Definitely My Type...of shirt...

Henley Shirt
          Let's talk about fashion...I am no expert, but i'm gonna share with you guys something that i feel comfortable wearing and it doesn't make you look sloopy...A Henley Shirt. It's a simple, everyday shirt for men but yet it'll make a man look masculine and stylist. Because of the  warm weather and high humidity here in Malaysia, i don't think it is appropriate to wear your jacket or suit all the time...Well, your can wear you ordinary boring polo T-shirt, but hey, u make your own style. I don't know about u, but this Henley shirt is awesome~!!

A little bit of description.....(WISEGeek on What is Henley Shirt?)

2-6 buttons Henley shirt
          The casual collarless Henley shirts which became very popular in the 1990s started out as uniform tops worn by rowing crews in Henley-on-Thames, England. Henley shirts are distinguished by their buttoned placket which contains anywhere from two to six buttons. Many Henley shirts tend to be oversized, which makes them popular among larger men who appreciate their roominess and improved ventilation.

          Henley shirts can be made from a variety of materials, but cotton or a polyster-cotton blend is most popular. Traditional Henley shirts could have short, three-quarters or long sleeve lengths, depending on the season.

Me in my Renoma Henley shirt
           Henley shirts did fall out of fashion  briefly during the late 1990s and early  2000s, but they have since become popular again, especially among larger men who seek a stylish casual shirt which isn't as form-fitting as a t-shirt and more accessible than a standard polo-style pullover. 

          So guys, wear it with jeans or khakis short if u want some rugged yet simple fashion. We men don't have to wear something fancy and you can get it easily from any outlet, from Calvin Klien to Renoma....Just make sure wear something you comfortable of, and it'll shine your personality...But just get yourself a various designs and colors of the shirt, or else your girlfriend will say that u always wear the same shirt (i get it everytime...haha..) salute~!!!


  1. hey..i'm not gay..u're gay..they said our car is gay~

  2. pic ketiga tu membuatkan aku rasa nak muntah.. uwekkkk... - DMEO Selangor

  3. simon (ex-american idol judge) use to wear this kinda shirt ya know.

  4. and he obses with himself. kissing himself in the mirror.YUCKS.and gayy

  5. hahahahaha....mmg baju zul sume mcmni...yh pn perasan!