Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pengalaman mengajar ku untuk mengajar...

Saya tidak pernah ada mana2 kursus untuk menjadi jurulatih dan saya hanya menerima latihan rasmi basketball sejak saya join the Navy Team..Tapi atas minat dan cintakan sukan ini, dengan sedikit pengalaman saya secara sukarewala menjadi coach (tidak berbayar) bagi Team UPNM. Betul org ckp, kalau kita minat sesuatu, kita kan bersungguh2 untuk melakukanya. Saya cuba menaikkan balik  nama pasukan  di UPNM dan seterusnya menyertai MASUM kelak. Saya xde la hebat sgt nak train Peg Kadet, tapi sekurang-kurangnya boleh memberi diorng semangat untuk bermain...So, tournament pertama adalah UniMAP Open di Kangar Perlis. Mula2 pergi agak gementar sedikit sebab tidak tahu standard pasukan-pasukan yang join. Tapi kalau team universiti, standardnya sgt tinggi begitu juga dengan team2 di kawasan cina. Macam mana saya tau?? Sbb pernah jumpe la..kena bungkus~!!

UPNM Spartans~ Cantik x jersi kitorng?haha~
Kami tewas 3 perlawanan pertama tetapi mampu bangkit dan menang 3 perlawanan terakhir dan melayakkan kami untuk bermain untuk tempat ketiga & keempat

Budak2 Spartans yang jakun dapat naik LVD

Aktiviti pemanasan di pagi hari
Coach pun tidak melepaskan peluang  melibatkan diri dalam aktiviti yang sihat ini

Coach menunjukkan tarian inang semasa game bermula
Ala-ala star gitu

Player bertanyakan ke mana kita nak lepak lepas game. Unappropriate

Antara team yang menjadi belasahan kami
Coach arahkan fotografer supaya sentiasa fokus kamera kepada beliau

Gaya ada. Tapi xmasuk2

Khuyusk melihat burung bertebangan di siling court

Ini pun xmasuk jugak

Coach akan pau RM 2 setiap kali buat salah dlm court

Vs UUM.. Ref, jauh skit

Selepas match
Muka insaf atau muka lapar?

Asistant coach/fotographer

Spartans cuba bergurau senda dgn coach

Akhirnya kami berjaya merangkul tempat ke-3. Congratz Spartans. I'm proud of u all....

System Breakdown

Captain mendahulukan majlis

Muka xpuas dapat 3rd Place

Peruntukan pingat untuk coach

Acara wajib..bergambar


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Me as a Instructor: What does it takes?? (Part 1)

It's been a while since the last time i wrote my blog...Am i been busy lately? u can say that..maybe..perhaps...Actually I've been transferred to UPNM (Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia) or National Defense University of Malaysia (NDUM) or used to be Akademi Tentera Malaysia (ATMA). Lots of names of a University rite? Hey, i am a graduate here,(used to) and now i'm working here as a?....lecturer? was written in my letter that i am appointed as Jurulatih Cawangan Laut (Kejuruteraan). What the heck is that? So, my 1st week here my mind kinda everywhere..literally..and then they appointed me as Ketua Trup Kasturi hey??? Hey, i'm a instructor in a Military University..i was asked to train cadet officers to become a real military doesn't get any cool than this...Maybe it's kinda inappropriate because i'm a Naval engineering officer but, i'm ok with that..i take it as a challenge..I'm kinda confuse and excited at the same time...Anyways..i'm gonna do my best~So to all cadets..ready for the next great big thing~!!!

UPNM terchenta~

Playing Football with Bn Kasturi Cadets (still fit huh??)

Dynamic Duo: With Kapt Hafeez

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What kind of photographer are you~?


Hye peeps...Let's talk photography. I love to take picture and i have a Digital SLR camera. Did that make me a photographer (photog)? What does it take to be a photog? Frankly i dun know, but in my opinion is that everybody deserve to have a camera (even if it's a camera phone) and call themselves a photog, as long as the have the passion and desire to do that so. 

So, let me list down 7 types of photog:

1. Fashion Photog
Well, this kind of photog u can see from the show America's Next Top Model (ANTM). U know Nigel Barker rite? They shoot for models and fashions...get the picture?

ANTM Cycle...??

She's beautiful~

2. Event Photog (weddings, etc.)
This type of photo must be an experience photog, efficient and knows his camera. Which angle to take to make the effect more dramatic, and know how to play with light...for example a wedding photog...

Credit to Lt Ardi and his wife

3. Wildlife Photog
This kind of photog i like to be..challenging...Claimed to be the most difficult one...Man, u must be very good to be wildlife photog...with very expensive camera and lenses...Other than that, u must learn the characteristicof the animal u want to capture.

Hungry cat..or not~?


Let me show you my wildlife pictures that i've taken

Damn u monkey~
What a Loser~
Baloo? It's been a bear necessity...

Wait...this is my lil' sis..but i consider her as a wildlife..can ha?hahahah~

4. Family Photog
This type of photog is more relax and pressure..well, it's a family portrait afterall...

My Dad with his grandaughter~
La Familia'

5. Sports Photog
To be this type of photog, u need to have a Super telephoto lense... big like a cannon..unless u have the permission to take pictures from inside the field or court which is impossible..and a super DSLR to take a still and sharp images..

I just want to be clear here..I AM AN ARSENAL FAN~!!!!

6. Landscape Photog
I dun want to be technical here..(actually i forgot all the photography terms to explain it...haha). I dun actually like to take a landscape pictures..

So, this all my opinions...not fact what so ever...i hope u guys enjoy it..ciao~

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just the way you are~

Dun you just love Bruno Mars~? He's a singer, a songwriter and a producer..This 25 years old Hawaiian born music genius also callobrate and co write some of the hitz songs like Nothin on You (B.O.B), and Billionaire (T. Mccoy).

But who can forget "Just The Way You Are'? It maybe not the best song, but it is a beautiful and catchy song at the same time. Love the song and for additional, a simple but nice vclip wit hot girl as a model. Hey, I can relate to this song..."Oh, her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining. Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying. She's so beautiful, and I tell her every day, just the way you are~". I did tell this to this pretty young thing....

So, on the bright side, what you can learn from this song is that, stay true to yourself.....because it's just the way you are~

Friday, January 7, 2011

All Time Favourite: Female Singers

Hello there...let's talk about music and celebrities, and what i have in mind are some of the best female singers in the 90s'...I have listed some of my all time favourite female singers which i think have the best vocal, great songs, and personality...a diva herself....the nominees are....drruummmm......(drum beat)..

No. 5 Mariah Carey, was born on March 1970 in Long Island, NY. Hit songs: Hero, Without You and One Sweet Day. Note: Hey, Sexy lady~! But she's 40 already? Damn....

No.4: Shania Twain was born n August, 1965. Hit songs: You're still the one, Man, i feel like a Woman. Note: This hot country singer haven't aged a her~

No. 3: Whitney Houston was born on August, 1963. Hit songs:Saving all my love for you, I will always love you. Note: Damn u Bobby Brown.....~! Dun worry Miss Whitney, ill be your bodyguard~hehe

No. 2: Beyonce' Knowles was born on September, 1981. Hit songs: Countless~Note: Former Destiny's Child~i'm so crazy in love with u..auuummmm~ Maybe she's not as old as others, but i consider her as the old timer since Destiny's Child was so popular back in late 90's.
And my all-time favourite female singer is...
 No.1: Celine Dion was born on March, 1968. A French-Canadian singer from Quebec. Hit song: Because You Love Me and My Heart Will Go On. Note: Your voice make me sink like Titanic~
That's all...I've listed my favourite female singers because of their beautiful voices....The best from their era...How about the next generations of powerful high note singers....?

 Charice? Maybe, but you still have a pyramid to climb...

 Leona Lewis was compared with Mariah Carey because of her voice, but is she have the same persona? Girl, maybe u have the X-factor, but u have long way to go...