Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sword Bearers: The Celebration of Love...

Lt. Azim's Wedding at His Home in Sri Kembangan

           Hye there…since I’ve started my blog, I've already got one good friend Wan Fariza…Still waiting for my GF to be my 2nd follower…It’s school holiday…At this time around it is also the wedding season. Love is in the air guys..So, this time I would like to talk about the ceremony of military wedding, the sword bearers.

A Simple yet Honorable Ceremony at Lt. Salsabil's Wedding

Lt. Jimmy's Wedding at Tanah Merah
             Sword Bearers is a unique way a Military officer can claim during his/her wedding ceremony. It is a privilege for  the Navy, Army or the Air force Officers to practice this honorable protocol. As a military officer, we can choose how to celebrate our wedding ceremony, either the traditional way, or with full military honors. This protocol/ceremony way of honoring the bride and groom by the arch of the swords. Usually we’ll invite our friends from the service to do the honor as our sword bearer members..It would be more meaningful.

              Depending on the services, different protocol is observed, but the concept of the arch is the same. There will a line up of the sword bearer members and the bride and groom will walk between them with the tips meeting crossed from the arch. Other than that, cutting the wedding cake with the sword is another interesting custom. The groom will use his sword to slice the cake together with the bride.

               It’s an event full with ceremony that I love to do. To be a sword bearer member to my friend’s wedding, is a way to show my appreciation to our friendship that I cherish. But my dad told me once, “if you do I more than 5 times, you will never get married”… wonder…~Salute~


  1. i'm speechless looking at my wedding pic @ ur blog.... :-) hehe.. thanx bell..

  2. From Salsabil.
    Good Day bro, Really Appreciate what you have done in your blog. i'll be your follower soon. Beside that, thank because my wedding picture was selected to publish above.. But Bro, one thing i realiaze is the senteces below:

    'The bride will use his sword to slice the cake together with the groom'.

    Bro, i can capture your meaning.. but the word is wrong bro.. Make it correct bro. Bro, Does not mean to pick up but mutual respect bro.............. SALUTE LT BELL!!!!!

  3. haha...what do u mean the words i'm using is wrong?
    Maknanya=pengantin lelaki akan menggunakan pedangnya untuk memotong kek bersama2 degn pengantin perempuan...

    atau ko ada pandangan lain?explain skit...

  4. ok2..aku paham..terbalik..bride dengan problem respect~

  5. ahhaaa... no wonder la bell suka attend swd bearer.. ada je bell kt majlis kwn2 dia :-) like my hubby said "SALUTE LT BELL!!!!" hehe

  6. From Salsabil
    Roger bro!! Doesn't mean anything. Not more than mutual Respect!!~

  7. "way to show my appreciation to our friendship that I cherish".. are u sure with that statement??? coz u are the first one will ask about 'green note' everytime..

  8. me?green note is RM5...i'll ask about the torquise one..haha..i didn't ask..that's the way the groom return back and shows his appreciation~

  9. betui ka bell? bukan hang ka yang selalu dok tanya bila brader xxx nak bagi duit? hehe.. - dmeo selangor

  10. nape aku dipersalah kan bro. Adili la aku.- salsabil