Saturday, December 25, 2010

KD SELANGOR (Part 1): The Rehearsal...

Hallo...It's been a busy week, especially for PV 6 SELANGOR crews because their ship will be commissioned in few days.. PV 6 SELANGOR will become Kapal Diraja (KD) SELANGOR..the 6th ship in New Generation Patrol Vessel (NGPV) class, and the last and youngest ship in 17th PV Squadron..For us in the PV Project Team, this will be main event, the last one before we go our own way.. So, I wish all the best to the crews and good luck for your commissioning ceremony guys..I'll show you guys some of the pics that i've taken during the rehearsal~salute!!!

Pic 1: Practice makes perfect
Pic 2: DMEO & DWEO (berdua lebih baik)
Pic 3: PV 6 Crews & Project Team
Pic 4: In charge
Pic 5: Colleague (both Admin Officer)
Pic 6: Commissioning Parade 

Pic 7: KD SELANGOR Crews


  1. aku lagi terkasima kalau korang pakai uniform yang putih tuh =P

  2. ni rehersal makcik, nnti hari sebenar pkai la baju istiadat...baru la ko, xbley2, isteri org~

  3. Great one more ship to protect our water. Good job guys and make sure it last long.

  4. no, bcause his not handsome, that's why he's been thrown out from the parade hahahaha

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