Monday, December 13, 2010

Clash of the Titans...

Man Utd vs. Arsenal  Tuesday 0330H
Why am i intrested in this match? Yes, because I am an Arsenal biggest fan...since 1997, since Singapore do Live broadcast on English Premier League (i was in JB that time and Astro didn't exist..yet..)...I remembered the 1st time i saw Dennis Bergkamp on the pitch with his beautiful piece of football, Arsenal's all England line of defenders and the flawless game play conducted by "The Professor" Mr. Arsene Wenger. It's a love at the 1st sight and then i decided to be an Arsenal fan..for life..

Having won their last four away league games, I hope Arsenal will go in to this game in confident mood. Man Utd as their Arch Nemesis, tommorow's game gonna be a good least i hope it will turn out that way...Looking at Man Utd home record, it is quite impressive...but yet, Samir Nasri at his best hopefully will continue his impressive football...With no sign of Varmealan and Fabregas (maybe), Arsenal will continue using Koscielny and Wilshire...with Van Persie and Walcott starting to score goals, i'm hoping Arsenal will be the best team on the pitch~

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