Friday, January 7, 2011

All Time Favourite: Female Singers

Hello there...let's talk about music and celebrities, and what i have in mind are some of the best female singers in the 90s'...I have listed some of my all time favourite female singers which i think have the best vocal, great songs, and personality...a diva herself....the nominees are....drruummmm......(drum beat)..

No. 5 Mariah Carey, was born on March 1970 in Long Island, NY. Hit songs: Hero, Without You and One Sweet Day. Note: Hey, Sexy lady~! But she's 40 already? Damn....

No.4: Shania Twain was born n August, 1965. Hit songs: You're still the one, Man, i feel like a Woman. Note: This hot country singer haven't aged a her~

No. 3: Whitney Houston was born on August, 1963. Hit songs:Saving all my love for you, I will always love you. Note: Damn u Bobby Brown.....~! Dun worry Miss Whitney, ill be your bodyguard~hehe

No. 2: Beyonce' Knowles was born on September, 1981. Hit songs: Countless~Note: Former Destiny's Child~i'm so crazy in love with u..auuummmm~ Maybe she's not as old as others, but i consider her as the old timer since Destiny's Child was so popular back in late 90's.
And my all-time favourite female singer is...
 No.1: Celine Dion was born on March, 1968. A French-Canadian singer from Quebec. Hit song: Because You Love Me and My Heart Will Go On. Note: Your voice make me sink like Titanic~
That's all...I've listed my favourite female singers because of their beautiful voices....The best from their era...How about the next generations of powerful high note singers....?

 Charice? Maybe, but you still have a pyramid to climb...

 Leona Lewis was compared with Mariah Carey because of her voice, but is she have the same persona? Girl, maybe u have the X-factor, but u have long way to go...


  1. zul...terkejut yah shania twain lahir tahun1965..

  2. where's hanna montana????haha

  3. Yah: Ha, tau xpe...nak tau rahsia mengekalkan awet muda cmtu? hubungi zul, bomoh susuk terkenal~

    Adik:She's not even in the same league~