Thursday, January 13, 2011

What kind of photographer are you~?


Hye peeps...Let's talk photography. I love to take picture and i have a Digital SLR camera. Did that make me a photographer (photog)? What does it take to be a photog? Frankly i dun know, but in my opinion is that everybody deserve to have a camera (even if it's a camera phone) and call themselves a photog, as long as the have the passion and desire to do that so. 

So, let me list down 7 types of photog:

1. Fashion Photog
Well, this kind of photog u can see from the show America's Next Top Model (ANTM). U know Nigel Barker rite? They shoot for models and fashions...get the picture?

ANTM Cycle...??

She's beautiful~

2. Event Photog (weddings, etc.)
This type of photo must be an experience photog, efficient and knows his camera. Which angle to take to make the effect more dramatic, and know how to play with light...for example a wedding photog...

Credit to Lt Ardi and his wife

3. Wildlife Photog
This kind of photog i like to be..challenging...Claimed to be the most difficult one...Man, u must be very good to be wildlife photog...with very expensive camera and lenses...Other than that, u must learn the characteristicof the animal u want to capture.

Hungry cat..or not~?


Let me show you my wildlife pictures that i've taken

Damn u monkey~
What a Loser~
Baloo? It's been a bear necessity...

Wait...this is my lil' sis..but i consider her as a wildlife..can ha?hahahah~

4. Family Photog
This type of photog is more relax and pressure..well, it's a family portrait afterall...

My Dad with his grandaughter~
La Familia'

5. Sports Photog
To be this type of photog, u need to have a Super telephoto lense... big like a cannon..unless u have the permission to take pictures from inside the field or court which is impossible..and a super DSLR to take a still and sharp images..

I just want to be clear here..I AM AN ARSENAL FAN~!!!!

6. Landscape Photog
I dun want to be technical here..(actually i forgot all the photography terms to explain it...haha). I dun actually like to take a landscape pictures..

So, this all my opinions...not fact what so ever...i hope u guys enjoy it..ciao~


  1. gambaq aku tak ada pon.. cis..
    DMEO Selangor

  2. DMEO: gambar hang nnti aku post kat blog pentauliahan~

  3. nice pic bro...

    Anyway nak inform kat bro kmpg football dah berpindah ke link ni ,ok hrp mklum,sekian terima ksh.