Sunday, December 12, 2010

My tribute...

Good day peeps~! This is my tribute to the blog world. Let me start by introducing myself and my blog...Call me Bell.....A Naval Officer in the engineering department. But other than that, i have a lot of interest and love in sports, musics, movies, photography and others...just you name it....I'm not gonna tell you about my life in my blog (because i'm not a girl and it's gonna be boring like hell~!). But i'm gonna share with you guys my opinion on that ya'll can share yours with me~ Salute~!!!


  1. pehhhh impresss aku ko membelog kan diri hihi....
    welcome 2 club pacik! rajen2 hupdet blog okay hihi

  2. orait...sebelum tu, ko jd la follower aku sbgai tnda sokongan...hahaha~